Imagine a North Bay that lives harmoniously with fire and understands its critical role in tending our cherished and beautiful open spaces.

Fire Forward, a program of Audubon Canyon Ranch, collaborates with private landowners, public agencies and conservation partners on our shared purpose of effective fuels management and increased local capacity to lead prescribed burns.

How we are increasing local capacity for effective ecosystem stewardship:

  • Teaching trainings that include NWCG 100 and 200 level courses; hosting workshops, and presentations on intersections of environment and fire and society and fire, and tools for prescribed burning
  • Building new fireline leaders through our 1-year Fellowship program
  • Conducting site visits to properties across the region to build relationships with landowners and identify prescribed burn projects in diverse ecosystems for ecological and fuels hazard reduction objectives. Fill-in our initial survey to schedule a site visit.
  • Leading implementation of cooperative prescribed burns staffed by the Good Fire Alliance volunteer prescribed burn workforce and others; supporting mentorship, training and knowledge sharing opportunities are maximized in fireline structure
  • Monitoring to inform adaptive management and performing advocacy work to move the field forward


Fire Forward is funded by donations and grants from generous individuals, businesses and foundations, as well as by landowners who share the costs of prescribed fire on their land. Our commitment to community means we never turn away someone due to lack of funds; we are happy to discuss a sliding scale or fee waiver.


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